Board Governance Software for Leaders

Govn365 is a board governance software designed to simplify governance and improve performance.

Board Evaluation and Organisational Assessment

The Govn365 board evaluation and organisational assessment is the quickest way to accurately uncover your businesses strengths and weaknesses. An experienced Govn365 consultant will lead your team through the evaluation process ensuring everyone is heard and aligned on the answers. Once complete you have access to a thorough business evaluation that enables you to funnel resources in the right areas and lead with confidence.

Governance Evaluations

Strategy and Purpose

What does your organisation stand for? Where is it going? And how will it get there? A well-developed strategy gives you focus. 

High Performance Governance

Is your board or governance group diverse? Does it set direction, lead and assess effectively? Informed leaders deliver better results. 

People and Culture

Are you happy with your company culture? Are you aware of the skills and capabilities your organisation will need in the future? Do you assess and reward your team fairly? Great people improve your competitive advantage.

Enterprise Risk Management

Is your board or governance group aware of the organisations risks? Is there a plan to manage and mitigate these risks? Protect what matters.

Financial Stewardship

Is there a strong financial view of the future? Are insights being tracked? Do all your board or governance group members understand the financial state and projection of the organisation? Financial literacy fosters greater transparency.

Digital and Information Technology

How would your organisation cope with a cyber attack? Are you using technology to add value to your organisation? Avoid blind spots and take appropriate action.


Is your brand stagnant or growing? How does your consumer market feel about your products and/or services? Developing your brand builds trust and supports growth.

Environment, Social and Governance

Does your organisation look after its people? How well does it protect the environment? What’s your organisations maturity? Operate responsibly, enhance credibility.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Is your organisations health, safety and wellbeing culture where you’d like it to be? Is the whole team aware of risks, understand how to work safely and look out for each other? Everyone benefits.

Legal and Compliance

Are you aware of all the organisations legal and regulatory obligations? How are these obligations managed? Would you be protected if anything happened? Mitigate risks and act responsibly. 


Governance Consultation

Govn365 combines board governance software and experienced consultants to deliver a modern approach to business governance. From day one you will be assigned a professional governance consultant to walk you through the Govn365 process. Their role is to ask the hard questions, help build industry leading practices and work with you to improve your governance. 

Governance Consultation

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Govn365 Partners

Govn365 works alongside partners to build their advisory services through the implementation of organisational governance tool. Given the breadth of the areas covered in our governance evaluation and the need that has been identified within New Zealand organisations, we anticipate the value of ongoing advisory services will be significantly higher than the margin from sales.

StrategicPrioritisation v6

Strategic Prioritisation

The Govn365 platform has goal setting functionality that enables businesses to set individual goals for each of the ten key areas of business. Use the governance evaluation insights to drive your board’s strategic planning and create goals that are relevant to your organisation.

Strategic Prioritisation

Customer Reviews

“What excites me most about Govn365 is that it's a comprehensive framework to support leaders in their governance journey. It not only gives leaders the ability to assess their current governance state, it also identifies areas of improvement and what actions need to be taken.”

Tracey Cross
Financial Services Lawyer & Independent Director


“What is seen to be a very complex area is simplified enormously by Govn365. It's easy to break down the areas of governance that you need to focus on and it gives great feedback and resources within the tool that you can go and use.”

Will Thomas
Chief Executive and Co-Owner at Acton International Marketing Limited


“It gives an opportunity to focus on the things you need to improve and the things you’re really good at because when you understand that you can turn governance into a point of difference for your organisation. There isn't a better system on the market to address that.”

James Fletcher
Chief Operating Officer at DLA Piper


“It helps you connect with your team, and also with your directors in a better, more constructive way.”

Craig Cotton
Chief Commercial Officer at SkillsVR

Govn365Report v2

Board Reporting

Govn365 board reports communicate your businesses strengths and weaknesses, strategic priorities, governance maturity and can include comments from the team. Slip them inside board papers, accompany monthly meeting agendas or circulate them as is. The reports provide visibility and focus board discussions so your team can make its time more efficient.

Board Reporting

ISO 37000 & Govn365

The Govn365 governance evaluation was developed alongside the international standard for governance ISO 37000 and includes industry best practices. Govn365 takes the governance standard principles from silos and moves them into horizontals that sit across all ten critical areas of business, bringing them to life and giving pathways to industry leading practices. It is a comprehensive organisational governance tool that assesses businesses whilst providing a playbook for leading governance practices.

Govn365 Explainer Video

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