Govn365 Webinars

The Game Changer: Strategy for the Courageous

Join us for an exhilarating journey into the world of strategy like you've never experienced before! In our upcoming webinar, "The Game Changer: Strategy for the Courageous," we invite you to explore a fresh perspective on strategy development that dares to defy convention.

Hosted by Govn365 Chief Executive Gerry Lynch, this insightful conversation will feature the brilliant Dr. Jason Fox, a leading expert in the realm of narrative strategy. Dr. Fox's approach is nothing short of revolutionary, and he's here to challenge the status quo and inspire courageous thinking in the realm of strategic planning.

In a world where the landscape of business, government, and innovation is constantly shifting, the need for bold, innovative strategies has never been greater. Dr. Fox will guide us through the exciting terrain of narrative strategy, demonstrating how quests, leadership and courage can be harnessed as a powerful tool to shape the future of organisations and government initiatives.

Unlocking the “S” in ESG: A Deep Dive into Social Impact

 Join us for an enlightening webinar as our CE Gerry Lynch, alongside Rob Campbell, delve into the often overlooked but profoundly significant 'S' in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing. While environmental and governance factors have dominated ESG conversations, the social pillar is emerging as a critical aspect in today's rapidly changing socio-economic landscape. This webinar will provide attendees with a further understanding of social factors and their undeniable influence on long-term business sustainability and profitability.

Discover how forward-thinking businesses prioritise social metrics alongside traditional financial markers. Learn why a company's treatment of its employees, its stance on inclusivity, and its broader community engagement can dramatically impact its bottom line.

Whether you're an investor, business leader, or simply an ESG enthusiast, this webinar will offer invaluable insights into how the social dimension can no longer by ignored. Embrace the future of ESG by unlocking the transformative potential of the 'S'. 

Making Sense of Mental Wellbeing at Work: Obligations and Opportunities

Mental wellbeing can be a difficult topic to discuss and an even trickier area to navigate. There are few ways to identify wellbeing risks and it's hard to know whether you’re making progress. And whilst it often falls within an organisations health and safety area, how its managed, mitigated and progressed can look quite different. 

In this webinar, Govn365 CEO Gerry Lynch will sit down with renowned mental wellbeing expert Hillary Bennett to discuss what directors and executives can be doing to understand, track, and minimise organisational mental wellbeing risks.

Effective Boardroom Leadership: From Conflict to Consensus

Any high performing team requires trust, commitment to each other and the collective goal, and efficient teamwork. Boards and directors are no exception to this. Each member has a role to play in maintaining a psychologically safe environment that fosters trust, free speech, and cohesion. In theory, this is easy, but making it work in practice is much harder. Whose responsibility is it to set the tone and manage board member dynamics? And what can be done when things go a little pear-shaped?

In this webinar, Govn365 CEO Gerry Lynch will speak with Dr. Peter Crow about how to navigate difficult team dynamics in even the most trying situations. Pulling from real-world experiences in both chairing and advising boards, Peter offers insights and tips to help directors work productively as a team and move from conflict to consensus.

Webinar: Why businesses fail and what you can learn

Was it really the fall in coal prices that sank Solid Energy? Why did Pumpkin Patch collapse? Why do over 2000 small businesses go into liquidation every year in New Zealand?

In this webinar Gerry Lynch, CEO of Govn365, will chat with Bob Weir about his research on why businesses fail and the key learnings he uncovered along the way.

Join them on this journey through the failures of kiwi businesses and our irrational minds. While failures were caused by factors such as excessive debt, no cash, external forces, weak governance, poor skills, failure to pay taxes and more, all can be linked back to the decisions people did or did not make.

Bob Weir is a former company executive with 25 years in engineering, leadership and management roles across Australia, New Zealand and other countries. His book, why businesses fail, is backed by extensive research from leading academics, interviews with CEOs, CFOs and board members from failed businesses and includes discussions with journalists, fraudsters, insolvency experts, official information requests and so much more.