Govn365 Story

Govn365 Story

When Mike O’Brien saw the impact and benefits of the Safe365 technology transforming the health and safety sector, he immediately recognised the same could be achieved across governance. Together with Nathan Hight and Mark Kidd, they founded Govn365 which leverages the innovative Safe365 platform to provide a tech solution for governance groups.

We spoke to a wide range of organisations and discovered governance groups lack an effective playbook to improve governance. Govn365 was designed in response to their needs. Governance groups that have embraced the Govn365 approach are already seeing the benefits of a transparent approach that brings structure to what they already know.

Govn365 is a tool that has further been enhanced to meet the ISO 37000 global governance standard. It provides a robust roadmap to improve the performance of governance groups across all industry sectors. We enable directors, CE's and boards to do better, so their organisations do better too.

Together, we demonstrate that good governance improves performance. 

Meet the team

Mike O’Brien


Mike O’Brien has vast experience in contributing to a wide range of governance groups over many years. He believes transforming workplace performance starts with good governance. Mike’s commitment to bringing Govn365 to market is matched by his relentless desire to see the quality of governance improve.

Nathan Hight

Director, Safe365 Co-Founder

Nathan Hight has already seen first hand how the Safe365 platform is transforming the approach to health and safety. He believes offering a tech solution for governance is a natural step forward to supporting governance groups navigating today’s dynamic professional environment.

Gerry Lynch


Gerry Lynch has been the driving force behind the growth of Govn365 as organisations adopt the platform to support their governance process. He has seen how the Govn365 solution is having a positive impact in the boardroom as organisations adapt to the challenge to improve performance outcomes.

Craig Cotton


Craig has considerable knowledge and background as a CEO and Director across a number of high growth companies. His background supports the strategic direction of the business, while his extensive network of company executives and business leaders makes him well positioned to promote the importance of governance and the solution Govn365 provides.

Roger Shakes

Strategic Brand and Marketing

Roger brings his Strategic Brand and Marketing experience to enable the Govn365 message to connect with Directors, governance groups and executive teams. Governance is an important part of business growth and success, and Roger’s dedication in articulating the rich benefits of the platform is match by his passion to convey the Govn365 story.

Dannielle Hemelryk

Marketing & Platform Manager

Dannielle is Govn365’s Marketing and Platform Manager. Dannielle has managed and coordinated the marketing and brand design of the Govn365 platform from early inception to product launch and beyond. Her knowledge of the team, platform and brand keeps us moving in the right direction.

Cindy Bradley

Head of Partnerships

Cindy has spent the good part of her career working with organisations to build capability. She has a wealth of experience partnering with organisations to co-design learning solutions customized around their strategic challenges and opportunities. As Head of Partnerships, she brings her strong network and a deep understanding of the power of partners connecting on priorities and purpose.

Ruby O'Brien


Ruby joined Govn365 after completing her studies in finance at Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Her knowledge within finance, attention to detail and self starter nature are an asset to the team.

Mel Tan

Coordination & Marketing Support

With a diverse background that spans across creative design and operations, Mel stands as a pivotal asset to the team. With a profuse skill set, Mel specializes in streamlining processes, coordination and managing communication channels, ensuring that organizational workflows proceed with unparalleled efficiency.

Our Purpose

We Simplify Governance

Govn365 Values

Our values drive who we are and what we do. Get to know them and get to know us in the process.

We value the simple. Taking complex ideas, processes or frameworks and making them easy to understand and therefore approachable. Things don’t need to be tricky, in order for them to be good.


We gravitate towards relationships, partnerships and products that everyone gains from, where the benefits outweigh the risks on all sides. We want to grow, improve and gain and we want that for you too.


Growth is at the heart and soul of everything we do. We continuously strive to learn more and share this knowledge with those around us. Where we are now, is far from where we will be in the future.


Fortunately, curiosity has not killed the cat and we continue to foster innovation and creativity. We’re constantly asking questions and exploring things, seeking to understand the new and look at things from the upside down.


We look after each other, look out for each other and take care of one another. We think empathically and act compassionately and show up as real, vulnerable humans. We eat the cake, but we also make friends with salads.

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