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Embed health and safety into your company DNA through Safe365’s digital suite of tools.

Safe365 wants to transform the health and safety practices of businesses globally. Delivering a suite of tools to help all businesses understand where they sit on their journey to health and safety excellence; centred around the Safe365 Safety Index. A health and safety consultant in the cloud, Safe365 enables businesses to assess, manage and improve their health and safety performance, creating safer working environments for their employees.

Safety Index

The Safe365 Safety Index provides a rating of health and safety maturity. Plotted on the Safe365 Maturity Roadmap, this helps organisations build a picture of where they sit on the journey to health and safety excellence, giving clear visibility on what is needed to improve health and safety maturity and providing the tools necessary to achieve this.

Safe365 Performance Console

Enterprise Connect

Building on the power of the Safe365 Safety Index, Enterprise Connect provides a holistic view of safety performance through data aggregation and reporting across multiple sites or business units. Ideal for companies looking to build a strong and sustainable safety culture, Enterprise is a cost-effective solution that supports ESG initiatives and gives Boards the assurance they need.


Safe365 Performance Console

The Safe365 Performance Console is where all the end-user data from your team goes when submitted from the Safe365 smartphone app. The console notifies the people you select when data is submitted from your team and pulls all the data together via a simple easy to use dashboard interface. 


Why do you need Safe365?

You need Safe365 in order to look after your most important asset - your people. Every year there are more than 2.3 million workplace related deaths and over 318 million workplace accidents globally, with an annual economic impact of more than $3 trillion*Aside from being a legal obligation for any organisation, understanding and applying the elements that protect people in the course of doing their job is critical to maintaining a healthy, productive and profitable business.

*Source: Global impact statistics, International Labor Organization (2020); Market sizing, Lloyds Register Global SafetyTech Report (2020). Dollars are in USD

Contractor Connect

Contractor Connect is a world-class digital supply chain management system, driving safety leadership, improving legal compliance, and generating safer behaviours across your supply chain. Part of the Safe365 product suite, Contractor Connect has everything you need to make supply chain management simple and cost-effective, providing 24/7 visibility, collaboration and accountability around the agreed expectations.

Safe365 Overview Video

Complete a health and safety maturity assessment with a free 21 day trial to get your Safety Index score and see where your business sits compared to others in your industry.