Govn365 Partners

Let's grow together. Build your governance consultancy service using Govn365's market leading platform.

Build your board and business advisory service using Govn365’s innovative technology and modern approach.

Build your Advisory Services

Govn365 works alongside partners to build their advisory services through leveraging our globally award winning governance software. Our platform covers 10 key areas of most interest to boards and provides both transparency, ongoing monitoring and improvement plans. Partners receive a margin from sales and, given the breadth of the areas covered in our governance evaluation and the need that has been identified within New Zealand organisations, the value of ongoing advisory services will be significantly higher than the margin from sales.

Partnership Types

Govn365’s market leading partnerships offer recurring margin for sales with bonus rewards and recognition. Let’s work together to grow each other's businesses.


Referral partner

  • Refers lead to Govn365


Implementation partner

  • Generates lead
  • Owner of relationship
  • Facilitates governance evaluation, prioritisation and follow up sessions

Partnership Training and Development

The Govn365 partner development course is a learning and development programme designed to provide partners with all the skills and capabilities needed to successfully partner with organisations on their Govn365 journey. The content covers:

  • Best practice governance
  • The history and purpose of Govn365
  • Key Features of Govn365
  • The Govn365 customer journey
  • A deep dive into key content areas
  • Facilitation skills

The online course is delivered through videos, podcasts, written material and practical walk-through experiences and exercises on the Govn365 platform. It is designed to be self-paced and expected to be completed in four weeks’ time. 

After the successful completion of the course, partners will receive a digital badge to reflect and recognise the skills and capabilities attained.

Partnership Support

Govn365 supports partners through a range of activities, helping them build their governance knowledge and library of tools and resources. Our goal is to get partners up to speed with the platform, the process, the content and the sales cycle.

  • Dedicated Govn365 partner manager who provides 1:1 on-going support
  • Product and content training
  • Two free demo subscriptions to offer your first clients (if wanted)
  • 1:1 support to guide you through your first 2 client evaluations
  • Access to a suite of sales and marketing resources

Govn365 Partner Testimonials

Govn365 Partners

Govn365Consultants v2

Partnership Network

Govn365’s partnership network is a collaboration hub for upskilling, updates, support and general networking. Our partnership manager hosts monthly meetings to update everyone on platform developments, share the latest governance thinking and give partners an opportunity to share their learnings. In addition to this, our online training hub provides discussion rooms and gives partners a way to connect directly.

Governance Evaluations

The Govn365 governance evaluation not only assesses board performance, but the performance of the entire organisation too with a governance lens. Govn365 implementation partners support businesses through this process to ensure everyone is heard, group think is avoided and answers are unbiased. The governance evaluation process in itself has proven to align teams and improve communication leading to faster decision making and increased board efficiency.

StrategicPrioritisation v9

Strategic Prioritisation

The Govn365 platform has goal setting software that enables businesses to set individual goals for each of the ten key areas of business outlined in Govn365. Use the governance evaluation insights to drive the board's strategic plan and create goals that are relevant to the organisation.

Strategic Prioritisation

Partner and Client Portal

The Govn365 online board and user portal gives partners quick access to the businesses they advise along with their evaluation information, organisational goals and board reports. For partners, the board and user portal significantly reduces paperwork and minimises documentation by keeping everything in one easy to use platform. It also gives partners the ability to jump between businesses without having to log in and out of multiple systems or addresses.

Chat with our dedicated partner specialist

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