ISO 37000 & Govn365

International governance guidance principles combined with leading practices and modern technology.

The Govn365 board evaluation and organisational assessment was developed alongside the international standard for governance ISO 37000.

ISO 37000 & Govn365

Govn365’s CEO Gerry Lynch and founder Mike O’Brien became ISO 37000 certified shortly after its release and developed the Govn365 board evaluation and organisational assessment alongside it’s 11 key principles. Govn365 takes these principles from silos and moves them into horizontals that sit across all ten critical areas of business, bringing them to life and giving pathways to industry leading practices.

ISO 37000:2021 Governance of Organisations

ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation. They develop and publish international standards for a range of business activities: Quality, Environmental Management, Health and Safety, Energy Management, Food Safety and IT Security. ISO standards are internationally developed and agreed on by experts and are generally considered as formulas that describe the best way of doing something.

ISO 37000 Governance of Organisations was published late 2021 and gives organisations a guidance tool for governance. It includes principles and key aspects of governance practices to help organisations meet and fulfil their governance responsibilities.


Governance Evaluations

The Govn365 governance evaluation not only assesses your board, but the entire organisation too. It was developed alongside the international standard for governance, ISO 37000, and industry leading practices to offer chairs, directors, chief executives and senior executives a comprehensive business evaluation. A Govn365 consultant will support your team through the process ensuring everyone is heard, groupthink is avoided and answers are unbiased. The governance evaluation process in itself has proven to align teams and improve communication leading to faster decision making and increased board efficiency.


Governance Evaluations

Strategic Goal Setting PSD v4

Strategic Prioritisation

The Govn365 platform has goal setting software that enables businesses to set individual goals for each of the ten key areas of business outlined in Govn365. Use the board evaluation insights to drive your board’s strategic planning and create goals that are relevant to your organisation.


Strategic Prioritisation

Board Development Resources

After completing a Govn365 board evaluation and organisational assessment you unlock over 300 educational resources designed to help boards and c-suite executives develop their knowledge, experience and identify as leaders. The educational resources are broken down into the ten critical areas of business and aid you in achieving your strategic goals. The resources range from educational reads, to team powerpoint presentations and even active documents you can download and use, e.g. director skills matrix spreadsheets, enterprise risk matrix and strategy training.

Board Report

Govn365 board reports are easily generated through the board portal and communicate your businesses strengths and weaknesses, strategic goals, governance maturity and can include comments from the team. These reports are securely stored inside the portal and can be downloaded and printed when/if needed.

Governance Benchmarking

Govn365 compiles the results of the governance evaluation into an overall business benchmark score that provides a quick, easy to gauge snapshot of the assessment outcome. Incorporated into this is a dynamic, interactive starburst that visualises your businesses strengths and weaknesses. Designed for everyone, these powerful graphics instantly engage teams and generate productive conversations.

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